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Engage Prospects
in a Whole New
AI Way

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Impressive Digital Impact

(what is it?)

"An immersive user experience created by the combination of Ai avatars, specialized video content, beautiful graphic design and dramatic imagery." 

Two Amazing Learning

  • Next-generation marketing website
  • Sales-focused
  • Advisor-branded
  • Choose your URL
  • Personalized Digital-Human Assistants
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Click the images above  to visit the FIA and MYGA Learning Center
  • Enhance your brand and image

  • Wow prospects with human-like AI Assistants that endorse you

  • Implement Digital-Assisted Selling

  • Make centerpiece of Facebook and Google campaigns

  • Email to clients and prospects

  • Use to ask for referrals

  •  Link from your primary website, or replace it

  • Have prospects watch the incredible FIA sales presentation

  • Showcase at in-person seminars

  • Demonstrate it during online meetings

  • Incorporates Digital-Assisted Selling

  • The impressive centerpiece of any campaign

  • Expresses the value of FIA as nothing ever has

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"Artificial intelligence is the future and the future is here."

(Let's make it work for you. Click Jeanne.)

Exclusively for licensed insurance professionals.
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AI Annuity Assistant creates customized AI Annuity Assistants that support the human agent. Here, Lilly discusses an important income tax benefit of FIAs: Tex-Deferred Growth.

Meet AI Assistant, Frank He will talk about you to prospects, urging them to connect with you for a one-on-one meeting. Experience an example.


  • Seize the moment to bypass your competitors

  • Use personalized AI to enhance your brand

  • Educate prospects in a whole new way

  • Better express the value of FIA

How does AI Annuity Assistant help agents sell more annuities?

Through "Overwhelming Digital Impact," an immersive UX (user experience) that has never before been possible at an agent's website. Multiple human-like Ais, brilliant graphic design, incredible imagery, and a spectacularly effective video sales presentation create Overwhelming Digital Impact. All digital elements combine synergistically to create an unprecedented showcase for an annuity and the benefits it delivers. 

"DAS (Digital-Assisted Selling) is super powerful. This may just be the best FIA sales presentation you've ever seen. Watch it and then ask yourself how your prospects would react to viewing it."

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