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"An AI-driven  annuity marketing machine created just for you."

"Watch the Video Agent Guide."

Watch Alex describe what you receive.

See a live example of the Aquila Learning Center

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"A High-Quality FIA from a Fraternal
Carrier with Limited Distribution."

(AKA a rare opportunity. GCU has been protecting American families since 1892.)

  • Out of a universe of 536 FIAs, Aquila is the only FIA (A- or higher) offering a 10% bonus with zero fee.

  • 30% cumulative free liquidity is another exceptional feature.

  • No MVA

  • 2 of 6 ADL Rider with No Fee

  • Aquila is an excellent FIA. Choose from a competitive fixed interest rate, or interest crediting linked to one or both of two stock indices sponsored by global financial giant...


Be sure to watch the Aquila movie to learn more about GCU. It is a quality fraternal insurer with a rich heritage.

To contract with GCU, click the link below.

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"Have questions about this incredible opportunity to use the Aquila Learning Center to help you sell a very attractive FIA?

Call Jason Ray at 781-222-3039

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GCU Aquila FIA State approval map. Additional State approvals are expected.
Not yet approved in your State? Consider FIA Showcase, our generic FIA platform. 

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