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 Receive a Refund!

CGU Aquila Version

  • $995 (Refundable at $500k)

  • $149/Month Ongoing

"The ultimate selling platform for an exceptional FIA, one at the top of features among the 516 available FIAs."
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 Receive a Refund!

Generic Version

  • $995 (Refundable at $500k)

  • $149/Month Ongoing

"A selling showcase for Fixed Indexed Annuities that is impressive beyond anything every before it. The ultimate 'concept sales' tool."
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Receive a Refund

Both Aquila and Generic Versions

  • $1495 (Refundable at $750k)

  •  $159 Month Ongoing

"The ultimate client experiences for demonstrating the value of both Aquila and other Fixed Indexed Annuities."

"Understanding the mortal threat to annuity agents that AI poses is the first step in implementing a strategy that safeguards your future success."

Click the image to download the Agent Guide.

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